To provide 'world class' interior design solutions at a fraction of cost and time to as many as possible!

We at Di'vaiz Studio, wish to help you love the spaces you inhabit. We believe that your home or office should reflect you and the way you want to live. We want to bring your space to life  by personalizing it rather than merely decorating it! 


Namita Parekh, the founder of Di’Vaiz Studio, has 15 years of varied professional experience with the finest firms in Mumbai and New York. She has headed various projects such as high rises, residential, commercial, schools and master plans before starting her own practice. She is an alumnus of Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture, Mumbai and has completed her Masters of Architecture degree from Cornell University, USA with an emphasis on Architectural Design and Urban Studies.


She was 2 YEARS into private practice and she transited. This didn't deter her and she bridged the gap with an additional online segment e:dEsign, a service which knows no bounds.


She firmly believes in ‘devising’ contextual designs derived from a rigorous process involving thorough research of context and client’s preferences for their own space. The resultant being highly informed spatially rich designs which only get enriched by constraints and challenges.



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